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    A New Opportunity

    Hi there! I’m Corinna, owner and founder of Corinthian’s Corner. Back in 2017, I began preparing for my final years as an elementary school teacher. And while some stories end with retirement, ours was just beginning.

    After teaching in Tucson, Arizona for over twenty years, I was excited for a change but my passion for helping children was as strong as ever. While attending church one Sunday in June, my pastor discussed that week’s outreach ministries when something clicked. What better way to make a difference in the lives of children… than with God’s grace?

    And just like that, Corinthian’s Corner was born!

    With a wide variety of faith inspired products, our mission is to spread the good news about Jesus Christ while uplifting children in His name. In partnership with Compassion International, we donate 10% of profits to providing impoverished children with Christ-centered and church-based aid.

    Our sponsorship began with only two children (Hellen and Melanie). But in just two years, thanks to the incredible support of the Corinthian’s Corner community, we have grown our Compassion family to a dozen children from all around the world!

    However, our journey is far from over. And though our selection of Christian apparel and accessories may evolve in time, our mission will not. Transforming the lives of children remains at the core of what we do, and we’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.