Our Compassion Family Grows to Eight

August 09, 2018 1 min read

Corinthian's Corner Compassion Family

It brings great joy to everyone here at Corinthian's Corner to continue to grow our sponsorships with Compassion International.

A couple months back we began supporting Mikha from Indonesia as well as Ini from Burkina Faso. And earlier this week, we added Daniel from Colombia and Rachel from Indonesia to our family.

We have now partnered with Compassion to release 8 beautiful children from a life of hopeless poverty, in Jesus' name. Our letters with the children are incredibly heartwarming and we feel beyond blessed to be able to provide this much needed aid. 

As always, we thank the continued support of our loyal customers for enabling Corinthian's Corner to give back in this way.


Peace and blessings,

Corinthian's Corner

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